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    How can I send an inquiry?

    It is very easy!!! You can send an inquiry using the 3-step instruction as follows.
    Click [Inquiry] to the right side of the product list → product of your interest → Click [Inquiry] → Fill out the [Inquiry Form] → Click [OK] in the Inquiry Window.

    How can I check the response to my inquiry?

    You can check the response on [My Page → My Inquiry → Trade Inquiry Center] after signing in.

    How can I get a quick feedback (response) in an efficient manner?

    Most important! Check if your phone number and address information is accurate.
    ( You can edit the information on [My Page → Account → Edit your Profile]. )

    Add a brief introduction about your company and yourself.

    When making a request for quotation, please give specific information, for example, order amount, etc.
    (Note: If your inquiry is too short or is incomplete, it may be regarded as disingenuous.)

    Can I check inquiry details from the past?

    Of course you can! Sign in to the website and go to [My Page → My Inquiry].
    You can check the inquiry details and responses under [Inquiry History].

  • Sign up & Sign in

    How can I get a quick feedback (response) in an efficient manner?

    When an error message pops up during the Sign In process, please check for followings.

    Entrance of incorrect password
    Check if your "Caps Lock" is on, and make sure that you did not enter a space between the characters in your password.

    Internal Server Error
    If the "Internal Server Error" message pops up, you might experience a temporary network problem or a server reboot problem.
    Close down all the browsers and reboot your computer. This error can be also occurred when you use other internet browsers besides IE or Netscape.

    Cookie Error
    If you are experiencing a cookie error, please try the following.
    Internet Explorer 6.0 : Click [Tool/Internet Options] → Click [Delete Cookies] and [Delete Files] → Click [Security] and set as [Default] → Click [Privacy], set as [Medium]. Internet Explorer 5.x : Click [Tool/Internet Options] → Click [Security] → Click [Internet Zone] → Set [Security] as [High] or [Custom Level], Scroll to [Cookies] and click [Enable] for the two cookie options. Internet Explorer 4.x : Click [View] and check [Internet option] → Click [Advanced] → Scroll to [Security] → Click [Always Accept Cookies] under [Cookies]. Netscape 4.x : Click [Edit] then [Preferences] → Click [Advanced] → Check [Accept All Cookies]. If the problem persists, find the directory into which the system has been installed (ex. Sub-directories ‘Cookies’ and "Temporary Internet Files" of C:Windows).
    Erase all the files with the name ‘Cookies’ then reboot the computer.

    Your Account Cannot be Used at This Time.
    Your account may have been suspended or deactivated. Please contact us at contact us for further details.

    There is a delay in opening the page.
    You could be experiencing a temporary network problem or server reboot problem.
    Try again and if the same problem occurs, e-mail us at contact us by attaching the URL you were trying to open. We will look into the problem as soon as possible.

    I keep experiencing an unidentifiable error during the Sign Up process.

    If you are having difficulties during the Sign Up process, please e-mail us with detailed information at contact us.
    Please make sure to include detailed information about the errors you experienced with an image file of the window, if possible,
    as they are essential for us when looking into and resolving the problem. Once we have fixed the error, we will contact you as soon as possible.

    What should I do if I cannot remember my ID?

    If you cannot remember your ID and/or password, please do the following.

    1. Click [Find ID/ Password] next to the [Sign In] box
    2. Enter the e-mail address you entered during the Sign Up process.
    3. Click [Send].

    Your ID and Password information will be automatically e-mailed to you.
    If you cannot remember your e-mail address, please contact us with your name, company name and/or the CEO’s name via e-mail at contact us.
    The webmaster will verify your information and e-mail your ID and default password to you.
    Please change your default password immediately after signing in.

    Please specify your company name as follows in the subject area.
    - Subject: ID and Password Inquiry (SBA)