Follow the 3-steps suggested, and you can make inquiries very easily.

1) Click [Inquiry] to the right side of the product list

2) Fill out the [Inquiry Form] 

3) Click [OK] in the Inquiry Window.


1) Please check the phone number and address information.
(You can edit the information on [My Page → Account → Edit your Profile])

2) Add a brief introduction about your company and yourself.

3) When making a request for quotation, please give specific information, for example, order amount, etc.

(Note: If your inquiry is too short or is incomplete, it may be regarded as disingenuous.)


- Internal Server Error 

If the "Internal Server Error" message pops up, you might experience a temporary network problem or a server reboot problem.

Close down all the browsers and reboot your computer. This error can be also occurred when you use other internet browsers besides IE or Netscape.


- Cookie Error

If you are experiencing a cookie error, please try the following.

Internet Explorer 6.0 : Click [Tool/Internet Options] → Click [Delete Cookies] and [Delete Files] → Click [Security] and set as [Default] → Click [Privacy], set as [Medium].

Internet Explorer 5.x : Click [Tool/Internet Options] → Click [Security] → Click [Internet Zone] → Set [Security] as [High] or [Custom Level],

Scroll to [Cookies] and click [Enable] for the two cookie options.

Internet Explorer 4.x : Click [View] and check [Internet option] → Click [Advanced] → Scroll to [Security] → Click [Always Accept Cookies] under [Cookies]. 

Netscape 4.x : Click [Edit] then [Preferences] → Click [Advanced] → Check [Accept All Cookies]. If the problem persists, find the directory into which the system has been installed (ex. Sub-directories ‘Cookies’ and "Temporary Internet Files" of C:Windows).

Erase all the files with the name ‘Cookies’ then reboot the computer.

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